5G Mobile Data Core expert - Anankei

Brussel BE

The Mobile internet business is entering in a new era of technology evolution. 
The 5G technology that will be deployed next to the 4G (i.e. LTE) and other Mobile data (e.g. Wifi) will offer new higher service bandwidth (i.e. eMBB) but also new capabilities to foster the deployment of IoT technologies broadening the service offers to connected cars, AR/RV VDO, industry 4.0…

The current Mobile data core which is currently built on virtualized technologies (NFV/SDN) to offer 2G/3G and 4G is preparing the introduction of the 5G. 

To support our team of engineers, we are looking for : 

an experienced Mobile Data Core engineer mandatorily highly skilled and 5G with very good knowledge of 5G and telecom standards (3GPP, ETSI….). 
He should also have a significant practical experience of deployment of new Mobile Data Core solution and integration in an existing telco network.

You should preferably have an experience in writing Request For Proposal, offer analysis and solution recommendation/selection.
You have large skills on 5G standards and associated evolution in advice and support of the next coming 5G Mobile Core solution. (RFA, Supplier Selection, Proof-of-Concept, validation, integration and deployment). 
As highly skilled engineer you will be part of a team of about 15 engineers and will be mainly asked to support the team to translate the new 5G features in technical requirements and specifications to select a supplier solution via an Request For Proposal process. 
You will also be asked to define with the team the technical requirements to build a Proof-of-Concept environment to recommend the most advanced, best technical and the most cost-effective solution.