Project Manager Infrastructure - Anankei


Mission context

An IT Infrastructure Project Manager, respecting the Agile methodology, ensures the project is completed on time and within budget, and that the project's objectives are met (according to scope).
Projects are separate to usual day-today business activities and require a group of people to work together to achieve a set of specific objectives.
Collaborate with Tribes / Squads working in an agile mode (so need to take into account the Agile ceremonies organization)

Function description

A project manager is accountable for the realization of a project.

Responsibilities of the Infra Project Manager:
• Manage project plan, timescales, delivery milestones and budget
• Manage the project’s communications with stakeholders, management and project team
• Track progress versus plan including the actual time/cost and provide regular progress reports
• Develop knowledge of applications, systems, processes and procedures to ensure all elements of the project are delivered
• Manage the required change control process
• Supervise the day-to-day activities of assigned team members and provide support and guidance as appropriate
• Manage the User Acceptance testing of the project deliverables
• Manage the communication, roll-out and after care phase of the project to successfully hand over the deliverables to day-to-day operations team(s)


Education: Bachelor/Master

Required experience/ knowledge: At least 5 years of relevant experience
- Technical experience
• Knowledge about windows,linux, life cycle management Citrix / App-V / Web-based applications
• Knowledge about packaging of applications in a Windows-based environment

• Cloud

- Business experience
• Knowledge of the BNPPF organization and objectives. Knowledge of the banking world in general.
• Experience in the specific context of the project (IT, commercial, legal, …, or a mix of these).
• Knowledge of the specific functional context of the project (domain knowledge).
• Experience in project management methods, processes and tools – knowledge of the standards in use in the enterprise.
• Experience with ADKAR

Soft skills
• Communication, networking, negotiating
• Team player
• Creative
• Organizer

Language requirements
French Fluent
English Fluent